Oil produced by the Belci brothers from Vodnjan is named after the father's mother Marussa called Melota. Strength of this oil is a tribute to her perseverance.

The story about the Belci family follows the history of Boumbari. Its past dating back to the mid-16th century was registered in parish records kept in St. Blasius Church.

Expertise and passion have produced renowned extra virgin olive oils, together with loyalty and frankness typical of all Belcis. In fact, their gruff appearance easily makes way for and dissolves into true values.

In this place, olive is a traditional culture, and some of family's 3,000 trees are over 400 years old.
As early as the 1940s, grandpa Matteo started producing oil for the needs of the family or for local sale using the local hydraulic press.
His sons Lorenzo and Livio are proud owners of around 8 hectares of olive groves with annual production of approximately 1800 kilograms.

We are decidedly dedicated to traditional varieties, varieties yielding exceptionally high quality production; buža, ancient autochthonous variety and istarska bjelica, rosulja and, above all, the rediscovered žižolera.













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