About Meloto and Buža vodnjanska

Clear, with pronouncedly green colour due to large quantities of chlorophyll and with traces of soft yellowish hues. Its aroma is dominated by notes of unripe fruit, apple and chlorophyll. In the mouth, the first sensation is piquant, turning to bitter. In the end, there is the particularly strong taste of dried fruit. Monocultivar oil of buža has a balanced flavour that proved universally welcome both in food preparation and commercially. Its bitterness and piquancy are perfectly balanced, this being a feature that endows this oil with a more pleasant and less aggressive flavour. Its strong fruity aroma is a combination of two intense flavours: apple and olive fruit. It also has radicchio and artichoke aroma.


Autochthonous variety of southwest Istria. Cultivated throughout Istria and on Northern Adriatic islands. Recently grown in southern regions of Croatia as well. It is considered autochthonous variety of southwest Istria, together with the male Vodnjan buža, it makes up over 50% of olive assortment.













About Meloto and žižolera

Monocultivar oil of žižolera, with pugnacious and sharp flavour whose piquancy and bitterness, though balanced, are nevertheless intense, while green grass and leaf aroma is of medium intensity; the most dominant feature is the flavour of olive fruit endowing this oil with very intensely fruity character.



Our variety; considered indigenous. Introduced to the List of Varieties of the Republic of Croatia in 2007.
Grown throughout Istria, especially in its southwest. In olive groves, you can often find several century old trees.













About Meloto and rosulja

The aroma of this oil is characterized by an intense note of bitterness and piquancy making it rather pugnacious; and yet, these two characteristics prove well-balanced, which is a synonym of good quality owing to a good choice of beginning the harvest and proper conservation of olives in the period from the harvest to the processing. Its scent reveals traces of medium intensity fruit and scents of freshly cut green grass, fresh scent of freshly picked and perfectly ripe fruit. Finally, there is the typical apple scent and flavour indicating the freshness of oil. It also has scents of almond and aromatic herbs.




This variety is widespread in all Istria, particularly in its southwest, south of Rovinj, and it thus considered indigenous variety. Included in the List of Varieties since the year 2007.









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