The year 2007 witnessed the solemn opening of, in Livio’s words, “The Sampling Temple” of our oil. Both an expert taster and an interested tourist will be able to enjoy the quality of Meloto in this warm and refined environment furnished with olive wood furniture.


Reception is simple and cordial. In fact, the Belci women prepare the table during the tasting of excellent local Malvasia wine in the courtyard, with thoughts of the upcoming delicious meals- homemade pasta fuži in meat stew or tasty brodetto (fish stew) and songs bringing joy to evening hours after the delicious food: a plethora of scents and memories of typical Istrian tradition. Unforgettable memories oil experts and tourists will take home together with the smell of the red Istrian soil, beauty of streets of Vodnjan, the image of bell tower and a bottle of Meloto wrapping them up in all these scents each time they use this intense and strong oil over good barbecue meat, bruschette or vegetable soup.














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